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FAQ Recent Changes and History

Please report any broken links you find anywhere in the FAQ to me.

08/14/03TLC FAQ v3.0 Released (Size: 500k HTML)
08/10/034.0 Body StylesAdded sketches for body styles
08/10/030.2 FAQ Recent Changes and HistoryAdded the page you're looking at!
02/08/0313.0 Body Colour CodesAdded some samples to colours
02/08/0318.1 Production Timeline (US/Canada)New section
11/30/025.4 Engine SpecificationsAdded picture links to some engines
06/30/02Conversion of TLC FAQ v2.0 to HTML begins in earnest
03/15/98TLC FAQ v2.0 Released (Size: 208k Text)
06/10/96TLC FAQ v1.2 posted on
06/10/96TLC FAQ v1.2 Released (Size: 111k Text)
11/04/95TLC FAQ v1.1 Released (Size: 67k Text)
05/07/95TLC FAQ v1.0 Released (Size: 40k Text)