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4.0 Body Styles

All Land Cruiser bodies before the 1990s (Except the Bundera and the 45 Wagon) were made by Arakawa Auto Body, a division of Toyota. In the early 90s, Arakawa Auto Body became Araco. Araco also manufactures the interiors for Land Cruisers, Lexuses, and other Toyota cars and trucks. Toyota manufactures the Bundera/LandCruiser II/Prado body, and Gifu Body manufactured the 45 Wagon. The remainder of the vehicle (except in some cases the engines) is manufactured at Toyota's Honsya plant (Factory code A11)

AK-10 Predecessor to the Land Cruiser
BJ (B-85)Very First Land Cruiser! Flat fenders, round rear wheel wells, vertical front grille
25Looks more like 40 series except with no turn signals on the fenders round rear wheel wells and individual chrome headlight bezels
25 Pickup25PPickup version of above
2828Similar to above with a longer wheelbase
28 Hard TopWagon version of above
3535Very similar to a 25
402 Door with removable hard/soft top, folding windshield
41Same as above
42FJ42: early 2WD version, BJ42 3B instead of 2B, large spring bushings, split transfer case.
4343VSlightly Longer 40.
43 Wagon43W2 Door version of the 45 Wagon
44442 Door even longer wheelbase 40 (40 sized side windows followed by smaller ones)
45 Cab & ChassisCab & Chassis
45 Long Bed45LPick-up with square bed with tie-down loops on sides, removable hard/soft top
45 Short BedPick-up with rounded bed with bevel on top rim like a 40. Had fixed hardtop until approx 1964 then removable hardtop
45 Wagon4 door 40 series, permanent top.
45 Troop CarrierVERY long 2 door 40 with 2 sets of 40 style side windows on HT
4646Same as 45T except with 5 speed transmission & upgraded frame
47 V47VERY long 2 door with 2 sets of 40 style side windows on HT
47 Long Bed47LIdentical to 45 Series except with 2H series engine
47 Cab & Chassis47CCCab & Chassis
50 Soft Top50Brazillian made Bandierante soft top similar to 40
50 Hard Top50VBandierante hard top similar to 40
50 VB50VBBandierante similar to 43
55 P2BL55P2BLBardierante extra-cab pickup. Similar to 45 series
55 B55BBandierante short bed pickup similar to 45 series
55 BL55BLBandierante long bed pickup
5555Wagon with narrower appearance than 40 series.
5655Similar to 55 except with 2B diesel (Japan Only)
60Square bodied wagon with a pair of round headlights
61Similar to above except with a turbo. High roof variant show in illustration
62Square bodied wagon. Later models (and all North American ones) have 2 pairs of rectangular headlights instead of one pair of round headlights
70Square body 2 door with non-removable doors/hard top, sloping windshield and fenders that are a cross of a 40 and a 60.
70 Light Duty70LDLight Duty (Called "Bundera" in Australia, Prado in Japan, Land Cruiser II in some markets) - 70 Series with the smaller engines, lighter axles (with the 8" ring gear) used in Hilux/pickup/4Runner/Surf, and coil springs. Bundera means "Rock Wallaby" in an aboriginal language
71Externally identical to the 70 series except usually with 13B-T
71 Light-Duty71LDSimilar to 70 series except with squarer front end and smaller front fenders
73Like 70 series with 2 doors but longer body/wheelbase.
73 Light-DutyLonger wheelbase version of the 70 LD detailed above
7474Pre-99, similar to 73 except with turbo engine. Post-99, coil front suspension
75 Pickup75PSquare bodied pickup with removable steel top
75 Hard Top75VSquare bodied wagon with 2 doors and 2 windows per side in the rear
75 Cab & Chassis75CCCab & Chassis
7777Four-door 70 series wagon
78 Hard Top78VVirtually identical to above
78 Pickup78P
8080Rounded, coil sprung wagon
9090IFS AKA Challenger/Prado/Colorado. NOT really a Land Cruiser, just a 2-door re-badged/re-bodied IFS 4Runner.
9595IFS Same as above except 4-door
100100IFS AKA LX470/Grand Crusier/Mall Cruiser
105105True successor to the 80 Series
120120IFS Replacement for the 90 Series
MEGAMEGACopy of a Hummer developed with the assistance of AM General. Complete with gear reduction hubs, 4WS, Inboard 4 wheel disc brakes, Torsen LSD's _WITH_LOCKS_, adjustable rear tire pressure