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3.0 Introduction

Land Cruisers models are identified by an alphanumeric code. The code consists of the engine series designation letter(s) and the frame desgination number separated by a the letter "J." For example a 2 door with short wheel base and a 2F gasoline engine would be a FJ40. There are also auxilliary codes that follow the main model code and give further information about the vehicle. For instance, the code FJ40LV-KCW is the vehicle mentioned above produced between 01/75 and 07/80 with left hand drive, 4 Speed Transmission, Hardtop, Rear "ambulance" doors, and no roll bar produced for the European market. The extra codes are necessary because of the huge number of variations of each vehicle offered world-wide. There were 2500 versions of the 60 series alone. All the North American & most Australian Codes are described later in the FAQ. The only exception to the naming convention is the 1951 BJ.