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18.1 60 Series Production Timeline (US/Canada)

Model YearEngineTransmissionTransferOther
BJ60 Arrives in Canada
FJ60 Arrives in U.S.A.
FJ60 clutch release bearing upgraded (5/81)
BJ60 "G" trim becomes standard (11/81)
Chrome windshield weatherstrip moulding becomes standard (11/81)
5.5" grey solid steel wheels discontinued (11/81)
BJ60 clutch release bearing upgraded (2/82)
BJ60 vacuum pump splines changed from coarse to fine (4/82)
19833B,2FH42 (2F) / H55F (3B)2.276 / 1.959
FJ60 Gray Interior option (10/82)
Power steering on BJ60 (10/82)
BJ60 vacuum assist clutch appears (1/83)
BJ60 vibration isolated H55F shifter appears (4/84)
Round t-case output and pinion flanges replace square ones (8/84)
3B block upgraded to 5 cam bearing design (9/84)
3B blowby tube diameter increased (9/84)
Aluminum 3B bellhousing replaced cast-iron one (11/84)
BJ60 clutch release bearing hub modified (11/84)
BJ60 transmission crossmember strengthened (11/84)
BJ60 motor mounts improved (11/84)
BJ60 t-case changed to vacuum shift (11/84)
BJ60 single U-joint front driveshaft replaces CV (11/84)
Crush sleeve replaces shims for setting pinion pre-load (11/84 BJ60, 4/85 FJ60)
BJ60 Gray Interior Option (11/84)
BJ60 AC becomes factory o ption (11/84)
BJ60 Digital clock added to dash (11/81)
FJ60 Additional rivet used to attach spring hangers to frame (4/85)
"Long" H42 appears in FJ60 (4/85)
FJ60 transmission crossmember strengthened (4/85)
FJ60 single U-joint front driveshaft replaces CV (4/85)
Rear frame crossmember upgraded(10/85)
Internal return spring added to FJ/HJ clutch slave cylinder
HJ60 arrives in Canada
A440 automatic becomes available in HJ60 (10/85)
Steering box U-joint size reduced (10/85)
Headliner changed from vinyl to cloth (4/86)
Transfer case idler shaft size increased (10/85 HJ60, 4/86 FJ60)
Floor panel modified (to suit suspension seats outside North America) (10/85 HJ60, 4/86 FJ60)
Depth of center console increased (4/86)
FJ60 Reverse Gear bushing Upgraded (11/86)