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1.0 Disclaimer/Copyright

Well, here goes. I've decided to bite the bullet and try to set up the framework of a Land Cruiser FAQ. I do not claim to be a Land Cruiser expert-- all I am attempting to do is collect the knowledge that the experts on the list have posted over time into one source. I welcome any suggestions, corrections, or additions to this FAQ. I also welcome "articles" about various projects (disc conversions/tranny swaps etc.) Your name will appear alongside your article. The information in this FAQ is to be used AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible for any death/dismemberment/grief/increase of libido that any errors or misinformation cause you! Also please note: There are NO spelling mistakes in this document. Anything that looks wrong to you is actually just a Canadian spelling ;).

I have decided that I have put too much work into this thing to leave it as "quasi-public domain" Although I can't claim copyright on say, the 1st gear ratio of an H42 transmission, this COLLECTION of information is my intellectual property as is the what I believe to be unique tabular lay-out of the information.

Legal not so fine print:

TLC FAQ (C)opyright 1995-2003 Rob Mullen

All photographs within the FAQ itself (ie. not in the galleries) (C)opyright 1995-2003 Rob Mullen unless otherwise noted. Unauthorized use or duplication of the photographs is strictly prohibited and offending parties will be persecuted.