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Many changes to the 40 Series of the same vintage also apply

17.1 55 Series Production Timeline (US/Canada)

Model YearEngineTransmissionTransfer CaseOther
1969F1353 on tree2.313:1FT turn (Amber) mounted on side of engine cowling (wing style)
Front parking lights (A) mounted in grill
Brake lights (R) and rear turn signals (R) mounted at belt line
Mini "scoops" mounted on hood
1970Grill slightly modified
Front turn signal (A) mounted on top of fender (simple pedestal style)
Front parking lights (A) removed
Mini "scoops" removed
1971A/C becomes optional! (7/70)
Temperature gauge changed (7/70)
F155Oil filler moved to valve cover (3/71)
3 on the floorRod linkage replaces vacuum shift on t-case (3/71)
Headlight bezel updated (3/71)
Smaller windshield washer tank (3/71)
1972Speedometer changed (9/71)
Steering box and associated parts changed (4/72)
1973Very minor modification to grill (9/72)
Rear vent added (9/72)
Two piece license plate light replaces the one piece (9/72)
Heater changed with larger front blower vent (9/72)
Dash changed to fit removable panel for easier access (9/72)
Key moved to column (9/72)
Steering wheel changed (9/72)
Speedometer changed (9/72)
Antenna changed (1/73)
1974Wing window removed (9/73)
Two piece fender emblem replaced with one-piece (9/73)
ASCO Hubs become standard (9/73)
2FH42Oil filter moved to side of block
Aluminum valve cover and water pump
Smaller air cleaner on top of valve cover
Hood changed to accommodate 2F air cleaner
1975Front running lights (A) removed (12/74)
Front turn signal upgrades to combination signal (pedestal style) (12/74)
Exhaust system redesigned (1/75)
Optional A/C redesigned (1/75)
Lock added to fuel door (1/75)
Door lock changed so door must be unlocked to be opened from inside (8/75)
1976Larger, fine spline Birfields (9/75)
Front disc brakes (9/75)
Greatly improved brake booster (9/75)
Temperature gauge changed (9/75)
Retractable front seat belts (1/76)
Optional A/C redesigned (2/76)
1977Slight cosmetic modifications to tailgate (12/76)
"TOYOTA" and "4 WHEEL DRIVE" emblems added to tail gate (12/76)
1978Combination tail light (9/77)
Combination gauge ammeter upgraded from warning light to actual gauge (9/77)
Fuel gauge changed (9/77)
Temperature gauge changed (9/77)
Upgraded horn (9/77)
1979Ring and Pinion ratio changed to 3.70 (1/79)
Speedometer changed (9/79)
1980Factory power steering becomes optional
Production ends