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8.0 Transmissions & Transfer Cases

The H4X transmissions used with the gas engies use a 275mm clutch and have an output shaft that is 1-1/16" in diameter and has 10 splines. H41 transmissions were never offered on US model Cruisers but may have been available in a few industrial-application Canadian 45 series pickups. The transmissions for B diesels use a 1-1/2" longer input shaft with 21 splines and will not mate to either an F or H series engine.

When the four speed was introduced in 1974, the transfer case ratio was raised and new helical cut gears were used that were wider and quieter than the earlier model. Until 1981, parking brake was mounted on the driveline after the transfer cases. In 1981, the new split-case transfer case was introduced. It featured a stronger idler shaft and the parking brake was moved to become part of the rear drum brakes.