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15.1 40 Series Production Timeline (US/Canada)

Model YearEngineTransmissionTransfer CaseOther
1960F3-on the tree2.313:1Start of prodution
Small round FR turn signals
Single brake master cyl resevoir
19633 on the floor (Option)
1964Flip-up roof vent removed
Smooth headlight bezel
1965Larger side windows and corner windows added
Blower motor moved to engine compartment
196830 fine spline axles replace 10 coarse splines
Birfield joints replace ball joints in FR
Siamese centre exhaust ports replaced
One piece manifold gasket added
Cable throttle linkage replaces rod
Padded dash
Vin plate on door pillars
1969"Improved" steering centre arm
Small Rectangular FR turn signals
Replaceable element oil filter replaced with catridge type (03/69)
1970Dual resevoir master cyl
Dual horns
1971Power Brakes (07/70)
19723 on the floor STDSmog pump appears (09/72)
Domed pistons in F become standard (09/72)
Additional wire added from starter to coil (12/72)
1973Separate model for Calif introduced (09/73)
EGR system added (09/73)
Extra gusseting added to spare tire carrier (03/73)
Additional frost plugs added to block (09/73)
Notched con-rod bearings replace knock pin (09/73)
Additional oil hole for rocker lubrication added (09/73)
Head bolts lenthened to 145.5mm (09/73)
Two ridges added to valves for retainers (09/73)
Front diff fill plug moved 20mm closer to centreline of axle (12/73)
Saftey catch added on hood
Ignition switch moved to steering column
Factory AM radio
Stronger steering box
Rear jump seats shortened and roll bar added (9/73)
19744 SPD1.999:14 Speed Transmission (8/74)
Larger universal joints & flanges (01/74)
Transfer shift rod notched for driveshaft clearance (1/74)
Rectangular RR brake lights/turn signals
RR lower shock bolt moves from axle to U-bolt bracket
Clutch changed from coil spring type to diaphragm (08/74)
Clutch slave moved from left to right side of bellhousing (08/74)
Cover added to timing hole (08/74)
No. 2 cover on bellhousing changed from steel to rubber (08/74)
Clutch release fork boot modified)
U-joint flange modified for better grease nipple access (11/74)
Longest production run of any LC (9/73-12/74)
19752F1.959:12F Engine arrives (1/75)
Thicker side doors
Ambulance doors replace lift/tailgate
LG Square FR Turn Signals/side markers
Wipers move to bottom of windshield
Muffler moved from between frame rails to under rear tub
Transfer Case shift lever size increased (03/75)
Transfer Case gear area increased (Start of 1.959 Case Ratio) (04/75)
Valve seats improved (04/75)
1976FR disk brakes (9/75)
Larger brifields
Front outer axle shafts changed from 10 coarse splines to 30 fine splines
Front spindles and bearings enlarged
Build plate appears
Transfer bushing diameter decreased (02/76)
1977Tubular spare tire mount (09/76)
Pop-out rear windows (08/76)
19782F,BDiesel comes to Canada
Fine 27-spline pinion/flange (1/78)
19793.70:1 Diff becomes standard on FJ
22 gal under-floor fuel tank
Power steering becomes and option
Air conditioning becomes an option
Reclining Seats
Catalytic converter
Fewer, larger body mounts
Squared off headlight bezel & wider set headlights
Tail-lights grounded via wire instead of through housing (1/79)
19812F,3B2.2763B comes to Canada
Improved 3B exhaust manifold
Larger shackles, hangers & frame gussets
Split case transfer case
New RR brakes with 11.8" drums and single self-adjusting wheel cylinder (8/80)
Parking brake moved from rear of TFR to rear drums
Warn front hubs replaced with stainless steel Aisin units
Front outer axle shafts shortened
Rear heater moves under center console
"Shield" shaped steering wheel centre
Locking "Pocket"
Chrome window weather stripping replaced with rubber
19834SPD (FJ40) / 5SPD (BJ42)1.959Dash re-designed & includes digital clock
Final Year for FJ40 sales in U.S.A.
1984Final Year for BJ42 sales in Canada

Although production of the 40 Series Land Cruiser stopped in 1984, there was a _COPY_ that continued in production until 2001. It is manufactured in Brazil and is called a Bandeirante. It features a body/frame which is a copy of a Land Cruiser. The early versions were powered by a Mercedes diesel motor, while the last years of production were powered by a Toyota 14B diesel.