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Toyota Land Cruiser Frequently Asked Questions List

TLC FAQ v3.0

Edited by Rob Mullen (RAMullen@birfield.com)

Information shamelessly pilfered from:

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Specter Off Road Catalog

TLC Engine Conversion Kit Instruction Manual (Advance Adapters)

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Toyota Parts Microfiche

Toyota Trails (TLCA Newsletter)

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Toyota USA and Japan Service Bulletins

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Toyota Repair manuals

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Contributors (Although they may not have realized at the time :)

Rory Arms, Paul Bech, Gary Bjork, Drew Eckhardt, Lars Gottberg, Tim Jones, Neil Kapperman, Steve Kopito, Mark Mack, Kerry Manning, Willem-Jan Markerink, Andrew Murphy, Park Owens, Marv Spector, Ian Staines, Roy Stockman, Toyota Canada Inc.