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21.5 Transfer Case/Axle Swaps

Swapping a non-Land Cruiser transfer case into your truck is a difficult proposition. This is due to the fact that all but the very early Land Cruiser axles have both differentials offset to the passenger's side. Virtually all domestic vehicles have the front differential offset to the driver's or passenger's side while the rear differential is centred. If you use a domestic transfer case with Land Cruiser axles, you will wind up with a two-plane driveshaft angle. Apparently, the axle housing can be reversed to decrease the angle, but this is still a very unadvisable setup.

If a domestic transfer case is required, the axles should be replaced as well. Dana 60s and up are the only axles that are comparable/superior in strength to the stock Land Cruiser axles. Reverse-cut Dana 60s have the pinion located above the centreline of the ring gear and will result in somewhat improved driveshaft angles in trucks with a great deal of lift.