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21.1 Non-Toyota Equipment

There is really no limit as to the complexity of swaps you can attempt with a Land Cruiser. The most common modifications are swapping engines and transmissions. Let me begin by saying that I am not a big fan of putting non-Toyota equipment into Land Cruisers. I only decided to write this section because I got tired of people asking me about swaps and not being able to provide any answers. This section is incomplete and will probably remain that way for quite some time until fans of the various engines supply me with more info. Also, because I do not have first hand experience with anything in this section, the chances of me making errors is greater. If you have a functioning 2F in your truck, I would leave well-enough alone. The engine is VERY heavy duty, makes good low-end torque, will never overheat provided your cooling system is in good shape. An older F is potentially a better candidate to be removed and replaced with a more modern setup. It should be noted that once you pull the F series motor from your truck, it is no longer a FJ40/55/60/... I prefer the designation of V8J40. I will talk about engine swaps retaining a Toyota transmission, transmission swaps retaining a Toyota engine, swaping in a new engine and transmission simultaneously, and finally, I'll touch on transfer case and axle swaps.