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20.11 Body

This is probably where you'll find the greatest variance in Land Crusiers. Some trucks are pristine and have been hermetically sealed in their garages all winter, whereas some have been used to launch boats in the ocean. The former will have a body. The latter won't.

The problem areas for 40 series are: (probable order of occurence)

-along the seam between the sides of the body and the tops of the fenders in the rear

-under the back doors

-the "box section" that runs under the door sills

-the lower edges of all doors

-on the fenders around the turn signals

-on the fenders where the support brackets from the frame attach

-along the sill that runs down in front of the doors

-the windshield frame under the rubber gasket

-the lower edge of the hard top and the steel drain sill under the fibreglass

The problem areas for the 60's and 70's are:

-the lip around the fender wells

-the lower edges of all the doors

-the rear quarter panels

-under the rubber gasket around the windshield

-under the mud flaps

-basically any seam around the rear wheel-wells

-the seams in the front footwells

Finding a 60 that has the dealer-installed aluminum running boards is a good sign. Intact running boards indicates that the vehicle had never really been used offroad and they also prevent the rocker panels/lower door edges from being hit by spray from the tires, decreasing the likelihood of rust.